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The main reason that some people take opportunities when they arise, and others do not, is that some people are ready.

They have their business plan ready and all they need to do is take advantage of the opportunities.

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Part 31 - Best Deals.

Closing a deal defines a true sales professional, and often the mistake is made on presenting the proposal and pricing to the client. The actual offer itself does not need to have bells and whistles, it needs to have the right information, tailored for its audience, coupled with proper communication. Effectively preparing and then presenting your businesses products and services will lead to closing more deals as well as cleaning out non-buyers from a pipeline so a sales professional can better manage their business.

During the qualifying phases, and when you are presenting, be sure to really pay attention to what excites your prospect. Identify the things that excite most of your clients, and determine which one or two solve your customers problems and furthers their objectives. Once you have established what those are, hit them hard throughout the presentation, because they will be a tool for negotiation during the close.

Reviewing with the client is critically important. Often sales professionals email the proposal out of time constraints, pushback from the client, or other reasons that hurt the process. If the client is truly interested in purchasing, they will make the time for the proposal review, especially if its only 15 minutes.

Spend the time to review the features, and read the client to see if the pricing is what they expected. If you price too high and out of their price range, now is the time to begin the negotiation process. If they are uncertain because of your competitor’s solution, now is the time to flush out what they love about the competitor, and determine if something your business does that will trump it.

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Best Deals

Selling is a key business skill. Not everyone is blessed with the gift of the gab or suited to a life of selling. We should, however, all be able to sell at least one thing: ourselves. For business owners, the ability to convince others that you are someone they can do business with is essential for success.

  • Research your audience - knowing who you are pitching to is essential and research is the key. Your businesses products and services may be great, but you need to know who they will appeal to.

  • Target your pitch - You must also adapt your pitch to the customer. All business owners must be able to do the classic elevator pitch, which lasts about 20 seconds, the length of a ride in a lift.

  • Be yourself - The one thing that never changes is that people want authenticity. Do not be afraid to show your weaknesses and your strengths. People will see through your businesses products and services if you pretend to be something you are not.

  • Think about them, not you – no-one wants to be told to stop worrying, but it might help to know that the audience is thinking as much about themselves as they are about you. Business owners must think less about how they want to be perceived and more about how they want the audience to feel.

  • Leave the details until later - By focusing on the story and the emotional needs of the audience, the heavy details can be left until the end. Do not give all the details at the start; people do not want technical information from the outset.

  • Show expertise - People are reassured by expertise and business owners should have a real grasp of the product’s unique selling points, pricing and industry knowledge. Being able to show knowledge and expertise is what helps your business win deals with major clients.

  • Explore concerns - Handling questions is an area where many slip up. Business owners should try to put themselves in the shoes of the person asking the question. The biggest mistake to make when handling questions is to become defensive and try to argue the point or repeat ourselves. The trick is to explore what has caused them to ask the question.

  • Not all deals are worth it - It’s not just about getting a deal, but finding the right people to do business with. Business owners should look to build relationships and think long term when selling abroad. If you get the wrong partner to start with, it may damage your chances forever.

  • Ask for the business - After a good meeting, there needs to be a next stage and, in some cases, a deal. However, sometimes people leave the room without giving their audience the chance to buy. Ask for the money. People often forget to do that. Justify the amount, show the potential return and make the offer.

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