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The main reason that some people take opportunities when they arise, and others do not, is that some people are ready.

They have their business plan ready and all they need to do is take advantage of the opportunities.

Where can you find the right business plan?

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Ideas To Action.

Part 60 - Employees.

Make a list of the skills you need to run your business effectively. Then list the things you're best at. If there are big gaps between the two, it is probably time to add some brainpower.

Each year, thousands of sole proprietors double the size of their businesses by hiring their first employee. But how do you know when - and whom - to hire?

The kind of brainpower you add depends on whether you want to grow your business slowly or shift into a higher gear. If you are taking it slow, you might just want someone to relieve some of the pressure by performing the routine administrative tasks that pile up, such as answering phones and opening mail. Picking up the pace, however, usually involves finding someone who has specialized expertise or who complements your skills.

Wait too long, and you could be forced to hire in a hurry, increasing the risk of ending up with the wrong person. You can reduce the risk of hiring a dud by bringing someone on as a consultant or contractor first. That way you can see how you work together before making a bigger commitment; if things go downhill with an employee, it is harder to go your separate ways.

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The best way to keep your top employees is to know them better than they know themselves. Use this knowledge to create the career of their dreams, and they will stick to your business like glue.

For each one of your employees, try to identify what life interests are dominant with them, and then offer them the assignments that satisfy this interest. It may mean simply adding another assignment to the existing responsibilities, or it may mean switching one set of tasks to another employee.

It may even require moving your “star” employee to a different position altogether.

To learn what kind of interests you’re looking and listening for, use these 8 identifiable areas:

  • Application of technology.

  • Quantitative analysis ability.

  • Theory development and conceptual thinking.

  • Creative production.

  • Counseling and mentoring.

  • Managing people and relationships.

  • Enterprise control.

  • Influence through language and ideas.

If you have a top employee who has been working in the area of customer service, but lately seems dissatisfied, after talking with them you might learn they would rather be dealing with the vendors. Your star might be just the answer you are looking for to find that latest innovative product that could be added to your stock (conceptual thinking), and another employee would rather interact with the customers.

By a simple switch of responsibilities, you have two happy employees that feel they are now contributing to your business and not just putting in time for a paycheck.

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