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The main reason that some people take opportunities when they arise, and others do not, is that some people are ready.

They have their business plan ready and all they need to do is take advantage of the opportunities.

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Part 19 - Marketing.

Recent polls have showed a decline in engagement across social platforms. This is not a huge surprise as advertising penetrates all parts of our daily lives and we find new ways to escape it, ranging from ad-blocking apps and extensions to simple tuning out.

So, marketers are faced with more and more challenges to get their message across. It is not merely enough to increase budgets, we have to start looking at engagement and attention. So what are some of the options?

  • Target your market - In order to be effective, your message has to be appealing and authentic. By talking directly to your businesses customers, your message can appeal to their deeper senses.

  • Be the thought leader - One of the greatest benefits of content marketing is that you can position your business as a thought leader in your industry. This positioning could very much be an additional differentiator for your offerings.

  • Move into new realms - Depending on where your audience likes to spend time online, get in there. Explore new channels to reach them.

  • Network - Networking is one of the most effective marketing strategies that any business has access to, and there are plenty of ways to do it. Start utilizing any and every opportunity that brings you in contact with new people.

  • Build a partnership - Building a partnership can market your business to the customer base of another business, and vice versa. It’s cost-effective, marketing-savvy, and will build your reputation.

  • Ask for reviews - The only things people pay attention to more than what it says about your business on Google are the reviews that previous customers have left you. It is imperative in today’s online society that a business encourages their customers to leave reviews on the major social networks and portals to show their satisfaction with your company.”

  • Blog - Helping people before they actually need anything from your business is a marketing tactic that has great returns. People tend to value helpful over pushy you will probably be their first thought when they need a business.

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It does not matter how great your marketing is; if it is not backed up by a solid business you will fail.

And the best way to get great marketing, together with a solid business, is to get a great business plan

Marketing, Promotion and Sales Strategies.

  • Your marketing strategy should be the guide you follow to pick up clients and dramatically improve the success of your company.

  • Your business must produce compelling and economical advertising campaigns to cultivate sales leads.

  • Your ventures sales strategy must concentrate on improving your lead conversion rates to generate increased earnings.

Set out a timescale for carrying out your marketing, promotional and selling strategy.

It is clear that you have got to determine the proper market for your products; regrettably a lot of small business owners clearly ignore this and struggle to sell everything to everyone. This makes sure that the venture shortly ends up with uncontrollable overheads and too much stock, together with sales and customer service employees that are stretched and will cost more than your venture makes. Their ventures also have too much inventory that the company can never sell at a profit.

Without a doubt, it does not matter how powerful your promotional campaigns and advertisements are, or how proficient you can be at making known the advantages of your products, your business must fail if you have not determined your perfect buyer.

The specifics about the items that you offer must include:

  • The most evident needs and wants of your possible customers and the advantages your products present.

  • Your merchandises traits, nature or variances such as shapes, extent, color, weight, speed, durability and range.

  • Why your items are not the same as the competitions.

  • The ideas around how you decide the wholesale and retail pricing for your businesses merchandise.

Most ventures that are unsuccessful deliver a puzzling range of unconnected goods and services and do not focus their attention on dominating niche markets, where they should have a huge competitive lead.

Your market analysis scrutinizes the status and the fluctuations in your market and should consist of:

  • A breakdown of general issues and your competitions products with a view to your company providing upgrades to their items.

  • A list of your competition, and you must record material on any companies that might enter the market in the course of the next year.

  • The locale, qualities, advertising, staff, marketing, promotional campaigns and level of customer service of your competitors.

  • Clear evidence that the market for your merchandise is expanding sufficiently so that there are an abundance of consumers for you.

A common blunder made by new and small to medium sized organizations is that they compile a great deal of analysis off of the Internet relating to the overall market, but disregard their real competition for the sector of the market that they are concentrating on.

Every entrepreneur that flourishes became that way by controlling niche sectors of the market. It is absolutely essential for any new or small to medium-sized organizations to identify their target market and concentrate all of their finite assets on scrutinizing that, instead of the market as a whole. Your business plan must offer plenty of wording about the development within that niche and should be supported by clear and unambiguous financial data.

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