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The main reason that some people take opportunities when they arise, and others do not, is that some people are ready.

They have their business plan ready and all they need to do is take advantage of the opportunities.

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Part 53 - Software.

There are many different types of software that are useful for a business. Determining which one is best for your business is not always easy and will often depend on:

  • the size of your business

  • the particular needs of your business

  • the tasks that need to be automated

The common choices for business software are:

  • word processing programs

  • business invoicing programs

  • billing programs

  • payroll software

  • database software

  • asset management software

  • desktop publishing programs

These usually come as bespoke products or off-the-shelf software.

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Before investing in new software, you should think about what exactly do you want it to do.

Choosing the right software for your business can help you:

  • cut costs by automating routine tasks

  • improve efficiency of staff

  • increase or measure office productivity

  • streamline business operations and accounts

  • replace paper processes

  • communicate more effectively with customers, suppliers or partners

You should take time to talk to your employees, suppliers and customers who may have ideas for improving your business processes using IT.

Write down the objectives and potential benefits of new software. This will enable you to prioritise the list to work out the best returns on investment for your business.

Choose software that will run on your current hardware, as long as this does not reduce potential benefits. You should include any hardware upgrade costs in your budgets.

Alternatively, look at outsourcing your software requirements - e.g. cloud computing - which could help reduce both your software and hardware costs.

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