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The main reason that some people take opportunities when they arise, and others do not, is that some people are ready.

They have their Business Plan ready and all they need to do is take advantage of the opportunities.

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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used for documents independent of application software, hardware, and operating system. PDF is designed to keep up with today’s fast-paced and highly demanding workload. Creating a PDF takes almost no time at all. Just a few clicks of the mouse and you will be able to send out documents, create electronic versions of your files, and manage everything easily.

For an electronic documents to be legally admissible, it must be created in a file format that cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint. To satisfy this requirement pdfs are perfect. A PDF file is a "read only" document that cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint, and meets all legal requirements in a court of law.

Furthermore, the PDF format is practical and economical by allowing the documents to be stored on a company's server. This eliminates the need for additional hardware (except for additional hard drive space) and allows for exceptional integration into any network.

PDF ( Portable Document Format ) is a great way to make sure that the files sent to clients, partners, suppliers, solicitors and consultants can be viewed on all computers with the same look and feel.

You might know how burdensome is to send files to clients, partners, suppliers, solicitors and consultants just to find out that the look and feel of your document has changed or worse still, the document could not even be read at all?

You might have similar problems when files are sent to you. Could the effectiveness and efficiency of your team be improved by knowing that every time you send or receive a document, it can always be viewed exactly as it was created? Do you have hundreds or maybe thousands of newsletters, manuals, technical papers and product specifications that you need published on the internet, intranets or on CD?

These common problems are why many companies have already defined PDF (Portable Document Format) as their company-wide publishing standard. Over a billion users worldwide can now read PDF format documents.

The PDF document format provides the following business benefits:

  • Documents always look exactly the same, for all senders and receivers of a document, regardless of the hardware or software used.

  • The documents act as colour, electronic fax machines but with much higher quality and speed.

  • Documents can be distributed worldwide for almost zero cost and then be digitally printed in small or large volumes, at any location.

  • The documents can be magnified by up to 1600%, with no diminishing of quality.

  • The documents can be navigated by keyword search, table of contents or hyperlinks. This greatly increases their usability.

  • The format is ideal for presentations, since PDF documents always look exactly the same on all platforms.

  • The file format is very compact, so files can be sent quickly to recipients. The file format is ideal for archiving, since the look and feel of documents is retained and the document size is compact

  • The file format is essential for business documents like agreements and forms that must retain their exact appearance for legal reasons. For example, this may apply to application forms, tax returns, licence agreements, tender documents, quotations and logos.

All these advantages translate into faster, cheaper and less complex viewing, navigating, storing and printing, for business documents. So digital, document workflow throughout the company can become more reliable, with richly formatted PDF documents maintaining their very high quality, regardless of where they are sent or who views the documents. PDF is truly a global, document exchange format.

By using PDF documents within your own company and encouraging and/or subsidising the cost of purchase of PDF software, with your partners, suppliers, legal firms, accountants and various outside consultancies, then more and more of your business documents can be exchanged digitally. The benefits to the business are faster delivery, better customer service and lower costs.

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There are some great tools on the Internet that can create PDF files from any application, as easy as printing the document to a Virtual Printer driver.

If you write and publish eBooks, sooner or later you will probably be faced with a dilemma - should you create your eBooks as .exe files or .pdf files?

PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format, is the file extension for files created with Adobe Acrobat.

Exe, which stands for 'executable', is the extension for files created by eBook compilers.

PDF is widely considered to be the 'industry standard' for eBook publishing, and for good reason. Here are some of the advantages of PDF files over exe files:

  • With most eBook compilers you have to set up each page of your eBook as a separate web page. With Adobe Acrobat you can use a single MS Word file as the source document.

  • PDF files automatically number each page - exe files don't.

  • PDF files are very easy to edit - you can insert pages, replace pages and delete pages (and the page numbering is automatically adjusted).

  • Printing from a PDF file is much easier than printing from an .exe file.

  • The 'bookmark' column on the left side of a PDF file makes naviagtion very easy - much easier than in an exe file.

  • PDF files compress better than exe files, so you end up with a smaller, more manageable file.

  • It's virtually impossible to transmit a virus through a PDF file - exe files are susceptible to virus transmission and can become corrupted during download.

  • Finally, by using PDF you automatically expand your potential market because PDF files can be read on both a PC and a Mac (exe files can only be read on a PC). Over 28 percent of the online population in the U.S. are currently Mac users - not a huge increase in your market, but nevertheless significant.

But exe files do have some advantages over PDF files, and perhaps the most important of these is price - most eBook compilers are a fraction of the cost of Adobe Acrobat.

If you use free eBooks as a viral marketing tool, rebranding is the key to success, because people are much more likely to promote your free eBook if they can customize it with their own affiliate links.

It is worth noting that major search engines now have the capability to index PDF files and return them in search results. If you are a Web site owner with PDF files on your site, this is good news. If you are an SEO, you also know that the new capability presents potential usability problems.

If searchers click on a pdf result the link automatically opens a PDF file with no navigation back to the main site. Users are trapped! Essentially, the PDF format is not the culprit; the real problem is the author's failure to create the files with Web users in mind.

PDF authoring software offers the ability to include both a navigational structure and hyperlinks on a PDF page. Ideally, the best solution is to create your pages in HTML, rather than PDF format. Depending on the purpose, however, a PDF format can be preferable. For example, PDF files offer better functionality for pages that are commonly printed, such as order forms and price lists.

To avoid trapping users, you will have to republish your files, adding some type of navigation structure and / or link back your main Web site. This is the best option for SEO's, because it allows the pages to still be indexed. If this is not an option, the next best solution is to place all of your PDF files in a single folder and run a robots exclusion in the robots.txt file.

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