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A ringtone is the sound made by a cell phone to indicate an incoming call or text message. The term is most often used today to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones. Cell phones started out as purely functional pieces of technology, but quickly evolved plenty of fun frills to keep their users entertained. Today's phones have built-in video games, specialized background pictures, switchable faceplates and, of course, customizable ringtones.

A ringtone version of your new favorite song does serve some purpose, of course -- it lets you distinguish your own phone's ring from other phones ringing around you -- but more than anything else, it's a chance to add personality to technology.

If you want to make your own ringtones, upload your music to your computer. This is the easy part, take your computer’s microphone and record your sounds. Then, you need to convert your files into MP3 format. There are many free programs, like iTunes, that allow you to do this. Ringtones should be around 20 seconds, so use a free music editing software to trim your file down to size.

As for selling your homemade ringtones, you can create your own website or partner with an existing website. Many popular ringtone websites allow users to upload their tones. You should be able to set your own price. The only downside is that website will take a small percentage of your sales.

Most people mistakenly believe you need to have a product to sell to make money with a website. Selling is how you make money online, but you, yourself, do not need a product to sell. Instead, you partner with a company who does. That company can be someone who sells ringtones and other neat cell phone tools, such as games.

When working as a ringtone affiliate, you are provided with links, banners, codes, and more. When these are installed on your website, internet users see them. If they are interested, they will click on the link. Should they make a qualifying purchase, you make money.

To maximize your earnings as a ringtone affiliate, you need to have a well marketed website. People need to know your website exists. While you do need to familiarize yourself with popular internet marketing tactics, this is very easy. Quality content is important too. With a small amount of research, you will learn that keyword articles not only result in articles for your website, but search engine traffic too.

A quick Google search will produce countless articles trying to understand the popularity of 'ringtones'; hundreds of bloggers waxing lyrical on the benefits of personalising their cell phones. Interviews with “experts” profering sexy theories about ringtones and identity construction lend an academic seriousness to the Crazy Frog phenomena. The figures are pretty serious too, in the U.S.A. alone, the Yankee Group predicts, ringtones will be worth $500 million. That’s roughly the GDP of Fiji.

Obviously our cell phones needs a voice, but does that voice need to be a polyphonic adaptation of 'Living on a Prayer'?

The latest figures indicate that young people are the greatest consumers of mobile music. According to one survey, 15-24 year olds account for 80% of ringtone spending. Studies by Sussex University show that young people are far more aware of the "brand personalty" (the particular identity affiliated with certain brands) than older generations. Anderson suggests that teenagers can deduce a person's character, likes and dislikes, by their branded possessions. Considering the amount of branding in the music industry, it's not unreasonable to say that popular musicians have their own “brand personality”. So, your 50 Cent ringtone, for example, communicates not only a your taste in music, but also your compliance to the whole ‘Fiddy’ meme. Ultimately, for brand savvy youth, this says something about your personality, which, you hope, everybody within earshot understands.

The Ringtone Market

The ringtone industry is striking a popular cord with the teenage market. This group, mostly 13 to 24-year-olds, likes to purchase their favorite tune or sound without paying the high price for a CD. This segment isn't afraid to drop lots of discretionary income to download monophonic or polyphonic sounds, which makes the ringtone industry very happy.

Today’s teens are willing to substitute cell phone minutes for the latest ringtone. This behavior places this age group in the largest population of ringtone purchasers. Since over 40% of cell phone users fall into this group and have disposable income, the ringtone industry is making the most of this opportunity. The market is so large among this young population that, according to a study by Wireless World Forum, young people are spending eight times more on mobile phones than music. Currently, trends in the U.K. show that the ringtone market holds 10% of the total music market. This population's buying power is equally impressive in the United States where teenagers spend nearly as much on ringtones as on text messaging. The sale of ringtones worldwide adds up to $3.5 billion, according to IT Facts online.

Naturally, the music industry isn't highly thrilled about this shift in sales from the more expensive CD to much less expensive ringtones - even though the publisher or songwriter of the music or tone is entitles to royalties. Still, a ringtone royalty isn't quite as high of a percentage as a CD royalty. Some future analysts of this market are predicting that the mobile phone and ringtone industry are going to dip even farther into the music industry by giving mobile phones technology similar to iPods.

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iPhone and Ringtones

Apple knows what customers want, and they created the Apple iPhone with this in mind. This is one of the reasons the iPhone has become so popular. Your iPhone and ringtones are something to really rave about. There are many ways to customize your ringtones. Giving users the ability to personalize the way their phone rings is something that appeals particularly well to the younger crowd. They love to customize everything and to have a selection of ringtones be limitless is something teens and young adults all want. Here we will talk more about the iPhone and ringtones.

In addition to its cell phone capabilities, your iPhone combines the organization of a PDA, the music of an MP3 player, and a camera all rolled up into one device. There are so many applications, features, and ways to customize it that it boggles the mind. With the ability to customize sounds and music, your iPhone and ringtones is one way of making your phone an extension of your personality. Whether you like animals sounds, voices, jazz, rock, synthesizes sounds or something completely different, your iPhone will ring just the way you design it too. This is one of the many features that make the iPhone very popular. This phone really caters to our ego.

Customizing ringtones is something that the iPhone is renowned for. When you customize your ringtone, you know that it is special and that you can immediately pick it out from all the other ringtones in the surrounding area. Apple has made it easier than ever to find just the right ringtone for your iPhone. When you have a cell phone, one of the features that you want is to be able to personalize your phone by choosing your own ringtone. With some phones, it can be frustrating because you have a limited amount of ringtones to choose from. That is not the case with the Apple iPhone. With the iPhone, you can take any MP3 file and change it into your own personalized ringtone. Play the MP3, change the way it sounds through the playback features and you can save it to use as a ringtone if you desire. This is a great feature and if you have the time to put into it you can customize a ringtone for everyone on your contact list. You will know who is calling without ever looking at your phone. All you have to do is remember who has which ringtone, and you are in business. You are only limited by your imagination and the amount of memory available on your phone.

There is so much that iPhone offers that it is impossible to list everything that it can do in a single article. The iPhone and ringtones are one way that this phone stands out from all of the others. Giving the iPhone the ability to customize ringtones was sheer genius. This is truly a young person's cell phone. The combination of customizable MP3's and internet access makes this a fun phone for the young professional on the go. Having you own personalized ringtone can make a statement about who you are. Apple has been making computers and peripheral devices for many years now. It is no wonder that they have made the iPhone so versatile and functional.

Wider usage of smartphones in emerging markets like India and the expansion of local and overseas music services are expected to help global sales of digital music to touch $9 billion this year. The digital music market has grown around 9% on the previous year and is expected to top $9 billion worldwide at retail this year.

Though growth of digital music sales has been somewhat tempered in developed markets such as Japan and South Korea, the emerging markets of Asia-Pacific and Latin America are expanding at a compounded annual growth rate of 15% and 25%, respectively. The Asia-Pacific market may touch $450 million, while Latin America is forecast to reach $200 million this year.

The music industry is witnessing dynamic changes and consumption patterns are shifting, driven by the increasing adoption of smartphones. The future of digital music will be based on enhanced engagement, 360-degree music experience and addressing the needs of price-sensitive markets.

Localized and customized content will play a greater role in enticing consumers, he added. Also, the devices used for listening, purchasing or downloading music have changed.

Computer's share has dropped significantly by 14 percentage points with mobile and tablets together up 15 percentage points, emphasizing the importance of mobile for reaching lean-back listeners.

In emerging markets, including India, China and Brazil, mobile phone and tablets together constituted 44% of the devices, higher than the computer (40%). The mobile operator is in a prime position to drive and benefit from this growth, having a music audience.

There is a huge opportunity for operators when it comes to offering personalised music packages and targeted music services that will help reduce churn, drive subscription and increase revenue.

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