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A screensaver is a computer program that blanks the screen or fills it with moving images or patterns when the computer is not in use. Initially designed to prevent phosphor burn-in on CRT and plasma computer monitors (hence the name), screensavers are now used primarily for entertainment, security or to display system status information.

Monitors running screensavers consume the same amount of power as when running normally, which can be anywhere from a few watts for small LCD monitors to several hundred for large plasma displays. Most modern computers can be set to switch the monitor into a lower power mode, blanking the screen altogether. A power-saving mode for monitors is usually part of the power management options supported in most modern operating systems, though it must also be supported by the computer hardware and monitor itself.

Screensavers are usually designed and coded using a variety of programming languages as well as graphics interfaces. Typically the authors of screensavers use the C or C++ programming languages, along with Graphics Device Interface (GDI), DirectX, or OpenGL, to craft their final products. Several Mac OS X screensavers are created and designed using the Quartz Extreme graphics layer. The screensaver interfaces indirectly with the operating system to cause the physical display screen to be overlaid with one or more graphic "scenes". The screensaver typically terminates after receiving a message from the operating system that a key has been pressed or the mouse has been moved.

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The top screensaver themes are:

  • Heavens Stars 2 Theme - Re-mastered theme by Shar of The Penniless Prophet. Blue and teal toned theme including beautiful wallpaper by artist UNKNOWN of an angel catching falling stars. Also includes icons and cursors by Tumi. Music by The Corrs and Bono. 800 x 600 resolution.

  • Sunny Spring Day - The sun is shinning on the beautiful pink and yellow tulips.Includes icons, cursors, logos and waves.

  • Sweet Serenity DT - Absolutely beautiful lakeside cabin. The flower filled pathway invites you to explore what’s just around the corner. The screensaver has beautiful images of nature and a lovely soundtrack to enchant you.

  • Enfolding Water Fantasy - A beautiful waterfall, a shimmering pool of water surrounded by lush greenery with blasts of color from blooming flowers and an underwater fantasy world by Robert Lyn Nelson; custom icons, anis and cursors. Matching hotbar, IE toolbar, winamp, wallpaper and water effect screensaver.

  • Dogwood Spring - Another precious painting from the incomparible Thomas Kinkade, nothing is lovlier for Spring or for Easter than this meandering path among the flowers and the dogwoods.

  • Daffy Dance - Wonderful springtime daffodils dance in the sunshine, along with an early hummingbird. This will definately brighten up your life. Original wallpaper by Irene. Comes with a wonderful daffy screensaver by Mist O Dark.

  • Sunset Valley - a valley of sunflowers at sunset, comes with icons, cursors and sounds.

  • Sweet Spring - Spring is sprung and all the flowers are out in full bloom and showing off their finest! Songbirds, butterflies and bees all fly across this delightful, pastel springtime scene. Music by Vivaldi called La Primavera, along with lovely bird calls, play throughout. Pretty flower icons and Sherbet cursors by the Theme Garden and animated flower cursors.

  • Abborlon - Abborlon...the beautiful dream to which your heart yearns to escape. Celtic icons by Blue Sky Heart Graphics; beautiful periwinkle blue animated cursors. Dramatic, yet gentle Celtic music plays throughout.

  • Springs New Beginnings - The vibrant blooming flowers surround this family of deer as they wade in for a drink of water in this beautiful and colorful wallpaper; custom icons, anis and cursors.

  • Window Gazing - Guess whos coming to dinner This feisty bull has decided to move on to newer and rather different pastures, as he chomps on a plant in some unsuspecting persons window. Charming painting by Fierjo. Original icons; 3D blue cursors and animated flower cursors. Pretty instrumental guitar music plays throughout.

  • Playmates - These sea lions and dolphins have become fast buddies and playmates in this artwork by David Miller; custom icons, anis and cursors.

  • ButterflyRainforestLDP - Pretty jungle setting, 5 orig. icons, 15 cursors 2 are orig anis, 18 jungle sounds and custom colors.

  • Moonrise Theme - Theme executed by Shar of The Penniless Prophet. Includes beautiful, moon over roaring sea painting by Don Dixon. Also includes matching icons with a folder replacement, custom cursors and a matching animated waterfall and jazzy new age opening and closing music by Larc en Ciel on guitar. 1024 x 768 resolution; 800 x 600 wp included as replacement.

  • Spirit of Flight - birds and butterflies surrrond the lovely lady, artist Josephine Wall, includes Logo screens, easy install

  • Flower Basket Theme - Theme created by Renee of The Penniless Prophet. Includes a beautiful royalty free mamma and kittens wallpaper, matching 3D glass icons with a folder replacement and our golden rod cursor set. No sounds included. 1024 x 768 resolution; 800 x 600 wp included for replacement.

  • Time After - This enchanting wallpaper is the basis for this theme. The theme includes a matching screensaver, logo screens, original icons, and cursors.

  • New Beginnings - Springtime is a time for new growth, rebirths and new beginnings as shown in this wallpaper by Penny Parker; custom icons, anis and cursors.

  • Before the Storm - A magical calm Before the Storm. High color, 1024 and 800 resolution wallpaper, animated cursors, celestial icons, logos, animated screensaver and musical sound scheme.

The following sites offer free screensavers:

  • 100 Free Screen Savers - Includes movies, sports, and animals.

  • 1st Screensavers - Categorized listing of links to free screen savers. Includes transportation, Islamic, and fish.

  • EZthemes - This large repository is organized by categories, including abstract, sci-fi and vehicles.

  • SaverPit - Previews of screen savers in several categories, and help on installing them. Submissions are accepted.

  • Screen Saver Studio - Variety of free screen savers and add-on packs for Screen Saver Studio owners.

  • Screensaver Files - An archive that includes animals, art, and nature and cities. Also contains some software for creating screen savers. Accepts submissions.

  • ScreenSaver Jungle - Contains categorized downloads of animated screen savers. Offers custom design service, and accepts submissions.

  • Screensaver Network - Collection of screen savers, sorted by category, with reviews and screen shots. Includes cartoons, clocks and tourism. For PC and MAC.

  • - Features screen savers with themes that include seasonal, space and water scenes.

  • T and P SC Free Screensavers - Categorized by topic, including seasonal, movies and patriotic.

  • - Links to a new free screensaver daily. Features reviews and a screen capture preview.

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